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Body Treatment Therapy

It is first in Indonesia, a medical treatment of body steam with herbs and a warm water bed combine with massage. As conclusion the body treatment therapy can help to enhance blood circulation, increase the body resistance and make us look younger.

The use of Herbal Steam:

1.  Enhance the blood circulation

2.  Improve the body resistance and manage the body metabolism

3.  Help trowing away the useless the body fluid

4.  Manage the body metabolism

5.  Help to cure lumbago,backpain and the therapy of the back bone

6.  Help to get over weekness legs, cold hands and feet, headche, migrants, ulcer, flu and cold

7.  Maintain health and freshness

8.  Prevent illnesses

The use of warm water bed treatment:

1.  Enhance the blood circulation

2.  Increase the body resistance

3.  Help to relieve stress

4.  Make fresh and help to improve the healing process

5.  Assist to prevent illnesses

6.  Help to reduce insomnia

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